Recessed LED down light, protection class IP65 for remote driver operation. Surface powder coated die-cast aluminium housing. For celing thickness up to 22 mm. With LED engines for 11 W to 40 W operation. For ceiling cutouts of DA 160 mm. Luminous flux between 1200 lm and 4300 lm.

Product Description

Operation by constant current drivers. Compact design. Suitable for exterior uses as well as for interior applications. Typical uses for shops, office, restaurants and residential application.

Housing compartment made by die cast aluminium acting as heat sink up to 55 W LED power. All screws made by stainless steel. With M12 cable entry and 0.5 Meter connecting cable. Tempered safety glass cover. With powder coated aluminium bezel ring. Faceted aluminium reflector in satin-matt finish. Installation by two-spring fastening system. LED Driver is not included and needs to be ordered separately

Standard Configuration
Colour Temperature (k2700K3000K4000K5000K
Light DistributionNarrow Medium
Lens Ring White (RAL 9016)Silver Grey (RAL 9006) Black (9005)
Part No.PowerColour TemperatureNominal LumensBeam AnglePDFIES Files
RDL03.2701.15.xx.xx14W2700K1789 lm15°
RDL03.3001.15.xx.xx14W3000K1865 lm15°
RDL03.4001.15.xx.xx14W4000K1912 lm15°
RDL03.5001.15.xx.xx14W5000K1936 lm15°
RDL03.2701.75.xx.xx14W2700K1789 lm75°
RDL03.3001.75.xx.xx14W3000K1865 lm75°
RDL03.4001.75.xx.xx14W4000K1912 lm75°
RDL03.5001.75.xx.xx14W5000K1936 lm75°
Part No.PowerColour TemperatureNominal LumensBeam AnglePDFIES Files
RDL03.2702.15.xx.xx25W2700K1789 lm 15°
RDL03.3002.15.xx.xx25W3000K1865 lm15°
RDL03.4002.15.xx.xx25W4000K1912 lm15°
RDL03.5002.15.xx.xx25W5000K1936 lm15°
RDL03.2702.75.xx.xx25W2700K1789 lm75°
RDL03.3002.75.xx.xx25W3000K1865 lm75°
RDL03.4002.75.xx.xx25W4000K1912 lm75°
RDL03.5002.75.xx.xx25W5000K1936 lm75°
Part No.PowerColour TemperatureNominal LumensBeam AnglePDFIES Files
RDL03.2704.15.xx.xx40W2700K1789 lm15°
RDL03.3004.15.xx.xx40W3000K1865 lm15°
RDL03.4004.15.xx.xx40W4000K1912 lm15°
RDL03.5004.15.xx.xx40W5000K1936 lm15°
RDL03.2704.75.xx.xx40W2700K1789 lm75°
RDL03.3004.75.xx.xx40W3000K1865 lm75°
RDL03.4004.75.xx.xx25W4000K1912 lm75°
RDL03.5004.75.xx.xx25W5000K1936 lm75°