ERUCA is a LED surface mount wall light for outdoor installations. The housing body is made from stainless steel providing optimum thermal management.

Product Description

Line voltage 100 ~ 270 50/60Hz
Integrated IP67 LED driver. Mains cable
termination is done via an IP68 external
cable gland with integral terminal.
High Power LED on MCPCB with Optical
Grade PMMA lens with high UV and
temperature resistance.
Protection class : IP66 Dust proof and
strong water jet proof.
Weight : 1.75kg (Stainless Steel)

Standard Configuration
Colour Temperature (k)2700K3000K4000K
Light DistributionSpotMedium
Colour FinishStainless Steel (SS316)
Optional AccessoriesSnootVisorLinear Spread LensColour FilterHoneycomb Louvre
Mounting Accessory
Part No.PowerColour TemperatureNominal LumensBeam AnglePDFIES Files
WL01.2701.07.SS.xx10W2700K840 lm
WL01.3001.07.SS.xx10W3000K1020 lm
WL01.4001.07.SS.xx10W4000K1100 lm
WL01.2701.12.SS.xx10W2700K1080 lm12°
WL01.3001.12.SS.xx10W3000K1164 lm12°
WL01.4001.12.SS.xx10W4000K1356 lm12°
WL01.2701.32.SS.xx10W2700K1080 lm32°
WL01.3001.32.SS.xx10W3000K1164 lm32°
WL01.4001.32.SS.xx10W4000K1356 lm32°
Part No.PowerColour TemperatureNominal LumensBeam AnglePDFIES Files
WL01.2701.07.B.xx10W2700K1060 lm
WL01.3001.07.B.xx10W3000K1224 lm
WL01.4001.07.B.xx10W4000K1224 lm
WL01.2701.12.B.xx10W2700K1260 lm12°
WL01.3001.12.B.xx10W3000K1456 lm12°
WL01.4001.12.B.xx10W4000K1560 lm12°
WL01.2701.32.B.xx10W2700K1260 lm32°
WL01.3001.32.B.xx10W3000K1456 lm32°
WL01.4001.32.B.xx10W4000K1560 lm32°