Comet C248

Grunzell COMET C248 is an architectural IP65 rated luminaire that is suitable for outdoor large area lighting. Perfect for use on tall buildings and other structures. Its strong construction makes it perfect for heavy duty installations and public areas where protection is required.

Product Description

The luminaire is constructed with the LED driver compartment with built in (IP67) driver thermally separated in a surface powder coated corrosion resistant die cast aluminium housing.

Line voltage 100 ~ 270V ~ 50/60Hz
High power COB LED with highly specular
aluminium coated PC reflector.
Protection class: IP65 dust proof and water
jet proof with featured GORE®Vent to
protect the internal system from moisture.
Weight 5.0kg

Standard Configuration
Colour Temperature (k)2700K3000K4000K5000K
Light DistributionSpotMediumWideLinear Spread
Colour FinishWhite (RAL 9016)Silver Grey (RAL 9006)Black (9005)
Optional AccessoriesSnootWide SnootGlare ShieldVisorLinear Spread LensColour Filter
Mounting AccessoryIP65 Gear BaseCast Mounted StirrupGround Stake
Part No.PowerColour TemperatureNominal LumensBeam AnglePDFIES Files
PJL04.2706.09.x.xx60W2700K3858 lm
PJL04.3006.09.x.xx60W3000K4554 lm
PJL04.4006.09.x.xx60W4000K4671 lm
PJL04.5006.09.x.xx60W5000K4989 lm
PJL04.2706.15.x.xx60W2700K7023 lm15°
PJL04.3006.15.x.xx60W3000K7324 lm15°
PJL04.4006.15.x.xx60W4000K7512 lm15°
PJL04.5006.15.x.xx60W5000K7599 lm15°
PJL04.2706.26.x.xx60W2700K7023 lm26°
PJL04.3006.26.x.xx60W3000K7324 lm26°
PJL04.4006.26.x.xx60W4000K7512 lm26°
PJL04.5006.26.x.xx60W5000K7599 lm26°
PJL04.2706.52.x.xx60W2700K7023 lm52°
PJL04.3006.52.x.xx60W3000K7324 lm52°
PJL04.4006.52.x.xx60W4000K7512 lm52°
PJL04.5006.52.x.xx60W5000K7599 lm52°