Grunzell Ultima is a high performance recessed LED downlight designed for ceiling mountings in various constructions. Using the latest COB LED technology the luminaire offers durability and high efficiency with optimal light output. Ideally suited for retail, hospitality, commercial and residential lighting.

Product Description

Housing made of powder coated die cast aluminium for optimal thermal management. Tempered clear or diffused safety glass to protect the integrity of the optical chamber. Highly specular aluminium coated polycarbonate reflector with COB LED.

“Corrosive resistant die cast aluminium trim bezel with screw-gun operable ceiling clamps adjust to 45mm ceiling thickness. Ceiling aperture (cut hole) Ø 129mm
LED Power supply unit 220 ~ 240V 50/60 Hz Protection Class IP43. Protection against dust ingress, solid objects and moisture Attached or remote driver installation

Dimmable : : DALI, 0-10V, Leading and trailing edge or analogue. Weight 1.5kg

Standard Configuration
Colour Temperature (k2700K3000K4000K5000K
Light DistributionNarrow Medium Wide
Lens Ring White (RAL 9016)Silver Grey (RAL 9006) Black (9005)
Optional AccessoriesFrosted lens
Part No.PowerColour TemperatureNominal LumensBeam AnglePDFIES Files
RDL01.2701.30.xx.xx14W2700K1789 lm30°
RDL01.3001.30.xx.xx14W3000K1865 lm30°
RDL01.4001.30.xx.xx14W4000K1912 lm30°
RDL01.5001.30.xx.xx14W5000K1936 lm30°
RDL01.2701.60.xx.xx14W2700K1789 lm60°
RDL01.3001.60.xx.xx14W3000K1865 lm60°
RDL01.4001.60.xx.xx14W4000K1912 lm60°
RDL01.5001.60.xx.xx14W5000K1936 lm60°
Part No.PowerColour TemperatureNominal LumensBeam AnglePDFIES Files
RDL01.2702.30.xx.xx18W2700K2500 lm30°
RDL01.3002.30.xx.xx18W3000K2611 lm30°
RDL01.4002.30.xx.xx18W4000K2678 lm30°
RDL01.5002.30.xx.xx18W5000K2709 lm30°
RDL01.2702.60.xx.xx18W2700K2500 lm60°
RDL01.3002.60.xx.xx18W3000K2611 lm60°
RDL01.4002.60.xx.xx18W4000K2678 lm60°
RDL01.5002.60.xx.xx18W5000K2709 lm60°
Part No.PowerColour TemperatureNominal LumensBeam AnglePDFIES Files
RDL01.2703.30.xx.xx27W2700K3429 lm30°
RDL01.3003.30.xx.x27W3000K3582 lm30°
RDL01.4003.30.xx.xx27W4000K3674 lm30°
RDL01.5003.30.xx.xx27W5000K3717 lm30°
RDL01.2703.60.xx.xx27W2700K3429 lm60°
RDL01.3003.60.xx.x27W3000K3582 lm60°
RDL01.4003.60.xx.xx27W4000K3674 lm60°
RDL01.5003.60.xx.xx27W5000K3717 lm60°