Lucille surface-mounted LED luminaire is designed to be installed on ceilings as an alternative to recessed downlight luminaries. With a built in driver and LED engine up to 60W, and luminous flux up to 6,400 lumen it is ideal for places where a high level of uniform light is required and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor public areas such as lobby areas, conference halls and walkways.

Product Description

Cylindrical housing made of aluminium alloy extrusion with built in die cast aluminium downlight module. The luminaire uses a highly efficient COB LED engine with faceted aluminium reflector in satin-matt finish and tempered glass providing excellent uniform light distribution.

All screws made by stainless steel with M12 cable entry. Available in warm, neutral and cool white with both non-dimming and dimming control options.

Standard Configuration
Colour Temperature (k)2700K3000K4000K5000K
Light DistributionNarrow Medium
Lens Ring White (RAL 9016)Silver Grey (RAL 9006)Black (9005)
Part No.PowerColour TemperatureNominal LumensBeam AnglePDFIES Files
SDL02.2702.15.xx.xx25W2700K3010 lm15°
SDL02.3002.15.xx.xx25W3000K3138 lm15°
SDL02.4002.15.xx.xx25W4000K3217 lm15°
SDL02.5002.15.xx.xx25W5000K3256 lm15°
SDL02.2702.75.xx.xx25W2700K3010 lm75°
SDL02.3002.75.xx.xx25W3000K3138 lm75°
SDL02.4002.75.xx.xx25W4000K3217 lm75°
SDL02.5002.75.xx.xx25W5000K3256 lm75°
Part No.PowerColour TemperatureNominal LumensBeam AnglePDFIES
SDL02.2704.15.xx.xx40W2700K5233 lm15°
SDL02.3004.15.xx.xx40W3000K5457 lm15°
SDL02.4004.15.xx.xx40W4000K5597 lm15°
SDL02.5004.15.xx.xx40W5000K5662 lm15°
SDL02.2704.75.xx.xx40W2700K5233 lm75°
SDL02.3004.75.xx.xx40W3000K5457 lm75°
SDL02.4004.75.xx.xx40W4000K5597 lm75°
SDL02.5004.75.xx.xx40W5000K5662 lm75°