Grunzell HELUX LED high bay luminaire is designed for a broad range of industrial and commercial lighting applications. Offering exceptional performance, reliability and value, it is ideal as an alternative to conventional HID luminaries

Product Description

Protective stainless steel housing with built in IP67 LED driver and highly advanced phrase change cooling system providing excellent thermal management and industry leading efficiency.

Line Voltage 100V ~ 240V 50/60Hz.
High Power COB LED with silicon lens optic.

Standard Configuration
Colour Temperature (k)3000K4000K5000K6500K
Light DistributionMediumWideAsymmetric
Colour FinishWhite (RAL 9016)Silver Grey (RAL 9006)Black (9005
Part No.PowerColour TemperatureNominal LumensBeam AnglePDFIES Files
HBL04.3020.36.x.xx200W3000K25,403 lm36°
HBL04.4020.36.x.xx200W4000K26,058 lm36°
HBL04.5020.36.x.xx200W5000K26,364 lm36°
HBL04.6520.36.x.xx200W6500K26,841 lm36°
HBL04.3020.73.x.xx200W3000K25,403 lm73°
HBL04.4020.73.x.xx200W4000K26,058 lm73°
HBL04.5020.73.x.xx200W5000K26,364 lm73°
HBL04.6520.73.x.xx200W6500K26,841 lm73°
Part No.PowerColour TemperatureNominal LumensBeam AnglePDFIES Files
HBL04.3030.36.x.xx300W3000K37,080 lm36°
HBL04.4030.36.x.xx300W4000K38,043 lm36°
HBL04.5030.36.x.xx300W5000K38,590 lm36°
HBL04.6530.36.x.xx300W6500K39,286 lm36°
HBL04.3030.73.x.xx300W3000K25,403 lm73°
HBL04.4030.73.x.xx300W4000K26,058 lm73°
HBL04.5030.73.x.xx300W5000K26,364 lm73°
HBL04.6530.73.x.xx300W6500K26,841 lm73°